In this section, you will find useful information about the various ministries and functions of the groups and auxiliaries of the church. There is always something for new members to do at Ebenezer. Once you have become a part of the Ebenezer family, we would like to know what are your particular interests, skills, expertise, etc.

Ministry plays a very important part in the life of any church. As Christians we minister because that basically is what Christ did. In the church, members have the opportunity to exercise their God-given gifts in music, ushering, hospitality, preaching, praying, visitation, evangelism, christian education, etc. Each member of the church is therefore a minister in their own right and is called to exercise that function in the church as well as beyond the walls in the name of Christ.

The Ebenezer singers was organized in the Fall of 1976 by Mr. Edison Staine as a small concert choir, to perform both sacred and secular compositions, as well as to participation in the worship on the second Sunday of each month.

The membership was drawn from Ebenezer, and from other denominations. Presently, all 15 active members are from Ebenezer.

Mr. Staine retired and relocated in 1981. Mrs. Cynthia Cruickshank is now the Director, assisted by Mrs. Glessie Agrinzoni as organist and pianist.

The Chancel Choir is under the direction of organist Mrs. Glessie Rivers-Agrinzoni. Mrs Agrinzoni is an accomplished organist/pianist. She grew up in Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church and accepted the post of organist in the early nineteen nineties. She is the Minister of music. The chancel choir is the main choir of Ebenezer and plays an integral part in the worship ministry on Sundays during divine worship. The choir sings the great anthems of the church, contemporary and classical as well and some gospel music. You can hear the chancel choir on Sundays during worship service as well as on special occasions.

The Usher Board has a very important role in the life and the ministry of this church or any church for that matter. The Ushers are often the first people members or visitors see upon entering the sanctuary. Oftentimes, these people, especially visitors, decide right then and there whether or not they should visit again, depending on the reception they receive initially from the usher. Then when they are in the worship experience, folk need to feel comfortable. The well-groomed, well-trained, and friendly Usher is a key figure in the ministry of the church.

The Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church Food Pantry was formed on January 10th 2009. Every other Saturday, a group of volunteer members meet at 47 Rogers Avenue from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to distribute canned food, fresh fruits and vegetables and other food products to members of the community.

The need is great and the response has been outstanding. We have seen the number of persons coming to the food pantry increase week by week so we continue to pray for the success of this ministry.

The youth fellowship of Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church was formed to give the youth of the church a place where they could develop and grow in Christ. Whether it be through the youth choir, the youth group or the dancing/stepping ministry, there are many ways in which the youth are able to take an active role in the worship experience of the church. With the constant influx of new members, the group is always growing. We are always welcoming new members who can bring fresh ideas, and who desire to find a personal connection with Christ, and willing to tell others about him.

The universal motto of the Women’s League in the U.S. and Caribbean is “Sincerity in Service”.

Our universal pledge is to “accept the call of God to service, and trusting in His strength I offer myself for the work of the Women’s League in this Church. In all things it shall be my aim to share in the full life of Christ’s Church, and to seek through worship and work to know and do the will of God, in my home, my Church and my community, so helping to establish His Kingdom on earth.”

The Ebenezer Women’s League was established in February 2000. The officers are:

Geraldine Richards, President
Angella Jenkins, Vice President
Marilyn Harper, Secretary
Carliss Scott, Treasurer

One of our primary goals is to aid our young people in their quest for a higher education. Upon our first anniversary in February 2001, we established the Norma Henry Scholarship Fund. We are proud to say that we have currently given out over $4500 in scholarships to our Ebenezer youth.

Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund can contact one of the officers or members of the Women’s League for further information.

On Thanksgiving morning the Women’s League distributes cooked meals to our shut-in members.  We meet at the church to package the meals, pray, and then car pool to the various homes.  This ministry has been a blessing because it gives us an opportunity to share with those who may not have family members nearby.

Another ongoing activity of the Women’s League is to bring to the forefront the plight of our aged population. The 4th Sunday in October is dedicated to “Senior Citizen’s Day” where we recognize the accomplishments of our seniors and update them with information that may better their quality of life.

Keep checking the website for further updates on the Ebenezer Women’s League.

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