116 years of continuous ministry, declaring The Word of The Lord. 

On August 14, 1905 a small group of West Indian Methodists* met in the home of Joseph Bridgewater at 200 Johnson Street in Brooklyn, to discuss the organizing of a place of worship for the growing number of Wesleyan Methodists who were desirous of worshiping in the manner they were accustomed to.

On September 3, 1905 the first service of worship was held at 118 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, Brother A. B. Baker presided over this inaugural service.

On June 25, 1906, the church was incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York as the Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church. The church did not remain at Myrtle Avenue very long, but moved to 377 Hudson Avenue, where it also ran a Day School. The Brooklyn City Mission and the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island gave invaluable assistance to Brother Joseph Bridgewater and the Board of Trustees in purchasing the St. Augustine Church at 69 St. Edwards Street as is next place of worship. Ebenezer soon to find itself without a home as the City bought plots in the area including the church. The YMCA on Bedford Avenue provided a temporary place of worship until it moved to 387 Stuyvesant Avenue, where it remained for the next twelve years.

In 1948 the church purchased 1024 Bergen Street, and in August the historic service was held amidst great rejoicing as Ebenezer had at last found a truly permanent property. It is recalled that one of the hymns chosen for the occasion was ‘O God of Bethel by Whose Hand Thy People Still are Fed.’.

Many ministers have served the Ebenezer Society in its one hundred year plus history: Reverends Baker, Gordon, Matthews, Brooks, Robertson, Vanlow, Smithwick, Richie, Canston, Arno, Perrin, Sonaram, and Jenkins.

Today the membership stands at approximately two hundred and ninety five. There are twenty classes and three associate preachers.